Just For Fun…

While I couldn’t use much from this movie, I did watch On Moonlight Bay a couple of times while researching for Enza.  Families didn’t break into song at the drop of a hat, or start dancing around the house (at least I’m reasonably sure they didn’t), but I though I could get an idea of what homes and clothes looked like back then.  And maybe soak up a little of the atmosphere from an era far more innocent than the one we live in today.

This movie probably has the best lines of any movie ever made, and I’d really hoped I could find a video on YouTube that included it but, alas, I could not. So I’ll just share it with you, along with the two clips I did find.

“You look like your father, Wesley.  He was anything but a handsome boy.”

Tomboy, Marjorie (Doris Day), learns to dance.

Marjorie and Bill (Gordon MacRae) say goodbye just before he ships out to serve in WW1.



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5 responses to “Just For Fun…

  1. I haven’t seen this movie. Thanks for sharing, Kristy!

  2. these old movies remind me that regardless of how beautiful a woman is when in her 20s, she has a choice about how she ages. I hope I’ve learned that lesson well. thanks for a good post.

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