What in the World?! (week 5)

So…  The moment of truth has arrived in the final installment of What in the World?! Wednesday.  Just be warned – I tend to have a lot of fun owning the objects of this week’s photo.  So, just in case anyone is offended, I’ll apologize in advance.  And I’ll mostly mean it.

I would like to introduce you to….my balls.  Until a few years ago, I didn’t own any balls, but I guess my mom thought I needed some.  I guess she thought my sister, and my brother’s wives needed some, too, so that’s what she bought us for Mother’s Day.  Now all four of us have balls.  Know what?  They jingle.

This is me, playing with my balls.

While I was trying to get a picture, I dropped one on the floor and had to wash it.  Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I have a thing about germs….and that there’s no way I’d ever play with dirty balls.

This is the cute little box I keep my balls in when I’m not playing with them.

And there you have the answer to this week’s game.  Now I think I’m going to grab my balls and go embarrass my son.  He seriously hates it when I play with them.  Rolls his eyes at me, blushes, and just shakes his head as he walks away.  🙂

This oldie, but goodie, is something else you can have fun with.  Completely innocent, but it’s all in the delivery.  🙂


By the way, I will be redecorating tomorrow, so things will look a little different the next time you visit.  🙂



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8 responses to “What in the World?! (week 5)

  1. I have those balls too, more for decorative purpose than for actual use. That sounds so bad! 🙂 Ha ha.

  2. Emma, me too. Kristy, beware the irrevocable psychological damage you may cause your son!

  3. Ha ha! We have a few boxes of those. I should have recognized it. Darn it!
    That is a naughty, naughty song.

  4. I had some of those balls, but my daughter stole them. Said she needed them to relieve stress. Yep, that’s what they’re for. If you rub them together they make a nice humming sound that is supposed to affect your zen. I miss my balls. Really I do.

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