I Am Not Perfect

Before I expand on that thought, I should mention that I’m moving Friday’s post to Saturday this week.

Now…why am I not perfect? For the same reasons no one else is. I’m flawed. I’m opinionated. I have a sarcastic sense of humor that not everyone ‘gets.’ They tend to think I’m being mean. But I’m not.

Well, 99% of the time I’m not. When someone cuts me off at a corner (when they have the stop sign)…especially when there’s no one behind me, yeah, I suppose my comments could be considered mean. Although I think saying the guy probably had his handicapped license plate because he can’t see the road past his colon was actually being rather kind.

So all of that to say… To anyone who might have seen the little exchange that went on after I posted about that visually impaired driver, I apologize. The Facebook account you saw it on is not my professional page, therefore I tend to let down my hair a bit more. That’s where I go to have fun and just allow my weird self a little more freedom. Unfortunately it can sometimes include giving in to the occasional offense.Β  (If you didn’t see it, don’t give it another thought…I deleted it)

I really want to use a Jimmy Buffet song here, but I’ll be good and use this one instead. I have to say that I laughed when I watched it, because it’s even more appropriate than I thought. I have an appointment on Tuesday to get a tooth filled. I also need the dentist to look at a filling I think might be cracked or loose. Either way, I have been in a fair amount of pain for about two weeks now (my fault because I’m a coward and put it off). Fortunately my dentist…and everyone who works for her…is a whole lot nicer than the ones in this video.



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14 responses to “I Am Not Perfect

  1. Good luck with the dentist, Kristy. We all hate going.
    Nobody’s perfect and anyone who thinks she/he is, is insane.

  2. i’ve got to read the exchanges, Kristy. I can’t imagine you being nasty.

  3. The dentist doesn’t have to be a bad experience. I like mine. I just don’t like giving up my time. I missed the exchange on your page. But knowing the subject and your feelings on the matter I can only imagine. The video was perfect. I laughed at the end. The look on his face was priceless. LOL.

    • I don’t enjoy any dental experience. For some reason, I don’t get numb like ‘normal’ people. She always makes sure I am, but it means shot after shot…and finally the strongest one she has, which is the one that wears off the fastest. Unfortunately, all of the shots hurt, even after some have really numbed my lip and cheek. LOL…I can tolerate a lot of pain…as long as it isn’t a burn or a toothache.. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I love that video, too. Although the Jimmy Buffet one would have been more appropriate for that driver. πŸ™‚

  4. Karen McFarland

    “I Am Not Perfect” Now Kristy, why did you have to go and burst my bubble! LOL! I did not see the post you’re talking about, so I have no idea what happened, but don’t worry about it. We love ya even if you’re “Not Perfect.” {{Hugs!}} πŸ™‚

  5. Girl….your kind of perfect is just the right kind of perfect…takes all kinds to make the world go around so live it up!
    Good luck at the dentist. I always put it off as well…and it’s never quite as bad I imagine it. LOL!!

    • I tend to agree with you, Natalie. I’ve seen some perfect people in my life (well, perfect in their minds)…and that’s just not ever going to make it onto my goal list.

      Oh I wish about the dentist. It’s always as bad as I imagine it will be. But when it gets to this place, I can live that more than the pain. πŸ™‚

  6. I totally don’t “get” people with a sarcastic sense of humor.

    Shoot, I’m so disappointed I missed that FB exchange.

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