Sorry if this offends those who want marijuana legalized. But if you’re going to use the ‘people who smoke pot drive safer’ argument, I’m going to post stuff like this…because driving impaired – whatever you’re using- means you aren’t driving as safely as someone who ISN’T impaired.

I smoked pot a handful of times as a teen. I KNOW it slows you down…and makes you tired. That’s why I was never impressed with it.

I was deeply saddened by a recent news story about the acquittal of a Saskatchewan driver on impaired driving charges – even after she admitted to smoking pot 2.5 hours prior and failed coordination tests. The judge said that while the prosecutor was able to prove that there was marijuana in her system, he failed to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the pot actually impaired her ability to operate a vehicle.

And this isn’t the first case where a pot user has been acquitted of impaired driving. There have been similar acquittals in other jurisdictions.

In our own personal impaired driving story we ran into the same issue. The blood analysis showed that the driver who killed Mamma K had marijuana in his system. Score, right? To me, it should have been a done deal right there. But nope. The prosecutor told us that the marijuana wouldn’t be taken…

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  1. Awwww thank you sooooo much for the support Kristy! I really appreciate you reblogging this and helping me create awareness…
    I was married to a daily pot user for 2+ years who always claimed he drove better stoned. My argument was always “if you hit and killed someone, wouldn’t you always wonder if had you been clean, would it have happened???” and therefore, WHY RISK IT? That is the bottom line. Is someone else’s life WORTH the risk…is someone else’s ability to walk, worth the risk? Because WHAT IF smoking pot, drinking or doing any kind of drugs DOES impair your driving ability.
    It’s so easy to just NOT risk it…take a cab, call a friend, walk, hitch hike, stay the night or stay clean – pretty freaking EASY!
    Better safe than sorry when it comes to lives and bodily injury!
    THANK YOU again!!!

    • You are totally welcome. I will always help spread the word about impaired driving. I resent sharing the road with people who have no problem drinking, smoking pot, or taking other drugs. If they’re going to do those things…they don’t need to be behind the wheel of a vehicle.

      As far as there being a question of impairment from marijuana… Oh please! It’s been a long time, but I smoked it a few times. It DOES negatively affect reaction times, It DOES make you tired. It’s B.S. that there’s a question about it.

  2. Good on you! Not offended you posted this, I’m offended pot smoking is considered okay for driving. No!

    • Thanks, Tameri. It offends me, too. And I’m disappointed by the number of people I know who defend it. Who cares if people high on pot are drive more safely than someone who has been drinking. The POINT is, no matter which way you choose to go, you’re impaired…and you don’t drive as well as someone who isn’t under the influence of either one of those things. (that’s a generic ‘you,’ by the way, lol)

      Some people might make the argument that there are bad unimpaired drivers. Yup, sure are. Can you imagine how much worse they’d be with the help of beer or pot?

  3. amen, amen and amen. i loved this the first time i read it and it’s still worth another look.

  4. Karen McFarland

    Totally NOT offended by your re-post Kristy. I think it’s cool that you helped to spread the word. 🙂

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