Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I have stumbled across these three videos mostly because I tend to get a little bored, partly because I like to laugh – and my daughter introduced me to the humor in eating super hot stuff. Well…as long as it’s not me eating it. I like spice, but not quite this much.

Sometimes I feel bad when I laugh at the people who go through this, in hopes of being YouTube stars, but then I figure that’s why they put them up, so I just enjoy myself.

If you have time, and like to laugh, too…these are definitely worth the watch. For those who don’t know it (and the only reason I do is because I’ve watched too many of these videos)…these hot peppers get hotter after you’ve chewed and swallowed them.

***Be advised that two of these videos contain some language***

I will admit that I feel sorry for Keith. I suspect that someone wasn’t entirely up front with him about how hot that pepper was. It still remains on my list of favorites though.

The next two are somewhat longer, but still hilarious. (They’re also the ones that have a few off color words…not many though)

Unfortunately, the third video has been remove.

I’ll be honest and say that the main reason I like this one is because that Marine is one sexy guy…and I love his smile. But he also handles the heat better than anyone else I’ve seen.



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4 responses to “Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  1. Only the marine could handle it! As it should be. Even though I was AF, I call him brother. 🙂

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