Hi, I’m Kristy, and I’m a Michael Bolton Fan…

…and I don’t want a single word of flack over it either. I can’t help it. That man has the sexiest voice, and when he sings a love song, it just makes me swoon.

It gets worse, too. My playlist for the fairytale includes Barry Manilow and Engelbert Humperdinck (yes, I had to Google how to spell his name) , so I’ll be sharing those…as well as the others that helped set the mood to write another love story.



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8 responses to “Hi, I’m Kristy, and I’m a Michael Bolton Fan…

  1. He does have a sexy voice. I love “How Can We Be Lovers if We Can’t Be Friends”. You won’t be getting any flack from me.

  2. his voice is amazing. love this song. thanks. did you see him on 2 and a half men? cute.

  3. Kitt Crescendo

    No shame in liking his voice. I especially liked “Missing You Now” when he teamed up with Kenny G. His voice plus a sexy sax? Be still my beating heart!

  4. I’m a huge (closet) Barry Manilow fan. Oh, guess I just came out of the closet. Doh! And I have to admit Michael has a very sexy voice. Perfect for those ‘special’ moments.

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