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The Vampire Diaries Disappoints Yet Again


If you haven’t seen the most recent episode (2/21/13), you might want to skip this post.


If you watch television, there’s no getting around the fact that once in awhile…someone you love is going to die. It’s almost always because an actor wants to leave a series, but fortunately it doesn’t happen too often.

Unless we’re talking about The Vampire Diaries. And apparently the writers can’t figure out how to make the show interesting without killing off main characters every season.

In some ways this show gets better and better, but that aspect of it is getting really old.

Frankly I didn’t care when they knocked Vickie, Anna, Tyler’s uncle, Caroline’s father and a few of the others off. Given the theme of the story, people dying is pretty much a given.


Jenna Sommers, John Gilbert, Lexi Branson (yeah, I know, she wasn’t an MC, but I liked her), Carol Lockwood, Alaric Saltzman (I’m still a little ticked over that), and now…Jeremy Gilbert?!

We’re talking not quite four seasons here, and the cast is dwindling more and more. The only humans left are Liz Forbes and Matt Donovan – and if Matt dies, I probably will stop watching the show.

Maybe it’s time to hire a few new writers. People who can come up with interesting scripts that don’t rely on reducing the cast every time we blink.

I’m going to stop here before this turns into a rant, or more of a rant than it is. But I have to say…if I wanted a steady dose of depressing ‘reality,’ I’d turn the news on. I don’t watch much television, and when I do, I watch it to escape, not to walk away feeling bummed out when the hour is over.



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A Season Finale That Disappoints


I always hate the season finale of any series I enjoy (though it beats series finales all to pieces).  Usually I’m a little bummed because I only watch a handful of programs, which means that’s one less hour to entertain me…and now I’m down to zero hours of drool time TV for a few weeks.  At least until Haven,  Parenthood, and Teen Wolf return.

For the past month or so, I’ve been looking forward to…and dreading…the last episode of this season’s The Vampire Diaries.  This is one show I wish I could see year-round.  And I don’t mean reruns either.  I mean a new installment every week.  The eye candy in this series is enough to make a ninety year old woman swoon.

Even though I warned of a spoiler alert, I’m not going to give away too much, like whether Elena chose Stefan or Damon.  Frankly my choice for her is Stefan.  So I started watching, expecting to be let down a little.  What I didn’t anticipate, however, was to turn my television off and walk away feeling like that hour would have been better spent cleaning my toilet or something.

It just felt like a ‘B movie’ kind of effort on the part of writers.  The flashbacks seemed to be very out of place…and what’s up with seat belts in Mystic Falls?  It’s almost like if you so much as sneeze they can’t be unfastened.  It just seemed weird.  But it was the rest of the show that bugged me.

Damon and Stefan are the main draws…but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the rest of the cast almost as much as I do those two.  All I could do was sit there thinking, are you kidding me?!  The fate of too many characters is up in the air.  And what the heck was up with that last scene?  I guess someone is a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer.  Snap out of it, writers!  Elena is not Bella. No, you didn’t copy it 100%, but it was close enough that I just rolled my eyes.

I’ll check it out again when it goes up on The WB’s website.  Maybe today was just one of my ‘off’ days but, if it wasn’t, I may or may not be chomping at the bit for the first episode of season four to air.  I’m sure I’ll be watching it…but not as enthusiastically as I have in the past.

What did you think of the finale?  Do you think they went a little overboard?  Did anyone else see a disappointing similarity between the final scene in tonight’s TVD and the last one in Breaking Dawn, Part 1?


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I Am NOT Happy!

Until a few weeks ago, life was good.  Everything was as it should be in Mystic Falls.  You knew who the good guys were.  You knew who the bad guys were.  And you knew who was riding the fence.

And you know what?  I was perfectly content hating Klaus.  In fact, every single week I looked forward to hating him more and counting down the days until someone figured out how to get rid of him.  He is an evil jerk with zero redeemable qualities.  He killed Jenna, then Elena (temporarily). He stabbed his brother, the sexy Elijah, in the heart.  He blackmailed Stefan into becoming a monster again.

Yeah, pretty easy to hate that guy.

Then about a month ago he compelled werewolf Tyler to bite Caroline, pretty much the kiss of death for a vampire.  Except then this unlikely knight in shining armor, Klaus, came riding up on his white stallion to save her.  Okay, so he didn’t have a stallion, and he’s no hero.  But save her he did.

And the thought that he might not be as bad as I thought started nagging me.  So I did my best to ignore it.  But then  I didn’t hate him quite so much during the next episode.  Or the one after that.  And last week…last week…I decided I didn’t want Klaus to die after all because….I liked him.

Talk about taking the whole attraction to bad boys to the extreme!


But this is me we’re talking about here, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  Nope.  Who do you think I liked best in Smallville?  You got it.  Lex Luthor.  Even though I knew he was the bad guy from the Superman story, I still liked him and was a little annoyed with the producers of the series.  In my humble opinion, they should have ended the show before Lex went completely bad.  Especially before he killed Lionel, another bad guy I liked more than I should have.

But Klaus?  Klaus makes Lex, even at his worst, look like a Boy Scout.  Nevertheless, I like him now.

Guess I’ll be calling to set up that appointment for a psychological evaluation in the morning…


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It’s a Bad Boy Thing

Damon Salvatore.  No…Stefan Salvatore.  No…Damon…  One is a really sexy bad boy, with occasional glimpses of something more. The other is a sweet, sensitive, considerate guy.  Kind of the all American, undead, boy next door. Both are (in my opinion) handsome to the point of making you weak in the knees.  And both are in love with Elena Gilbert.

What would I do if the two brothers were in love with me?  Start demanding that bigamy be legalized immediately!  Yup, I sure would…because I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two of them.  Nor would I want to, so the only choice would be to keep them both.

But they’re vampires…gasp!

I know.  Sometimes you justhave to take the good with the bad. And if they happened to accidentally turn me into a vampire, too, well then life would be just about perfect.  Well, non-life would be.  Besides, it’s make believe.  If I’m going to fantasize about a couple of sexy guys who don’t have heartbeats, I might as well have fun with it and fantasize about joining them in their vampire way of life, and bigamy, too.

The next to the last one is the best.  You just know it has to involve Damon…

Because, really, how would you choose between them?  I mean if I had to, I’d choose Damon.  Or Stefan.  Maybe even Alaric sometimes.  They really did manage to cast some good looking guys in this series, didn’t they?  Seriously though, if I had to choose (of course I’d had to have been born looking like Sandra Bullock-or Elena- instead of me to even be in the running,) it would have to be Damon.

Who knows why, but I always tend to like the guy who seems to be stuck in the role of the good guy when they’re just so much better being bad.  Well, bad in a good guy kind of way.

A couple of my other favorites:  Neil Caffrey (White Collar)…and Duke Crocker (Haven).  Be still my heart!  Gotta stop with this list because the whole bigamy thing is seeming like a better idea all the time!

Duke Crocker…my other favorite bad guy.  Even if he is a little too thin.

Neil Caffrey…ties with Duke for second place.

What about you?  Do you go for the good guy or the bad boy?  Why?


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